Dealing with Pain

Instead of complaining about your pain, which feels like the most natural thing in the world to do for many of us, it just might be worth taking a different tactic for a change. One suggestion might be that you could practice moving your focus away from the pain and instead towards other parts of the body that are not in pain and then focus on being grateful for those healthy parts. Or you could apply EFT for immediate relief of painful symptoms which is an easy and natural process and involves tapping with your fingers on several acupressure points on the body. With about an 85% success rate it is certainly worth giving a try.
You can also make an important contribution to your health by learning to manage your emotional state. What I mean by that is, when you bring more LAUGHTER into your life this puts you into a happy emotional state and this in turn helps to boost your own natural healing ability. It gets your body working for you rather than against you because laughter, whether real or artificial, has the effect of producing ‘happy’ chemicals in your body that boost your immune system and make you feel much better. The result is that the discomfort of pain is often dramatically reduced.
Then you could quieten the mind through meditation. This opens the way for you to reach your deeper essential nature, your essential spark, to access a deep inner peace and acceptance and to listen to your wise inner intuition and guidance. It is here that you will find the courage to let go of past hurts and trauma which can often get buried deep down in your body causing blockages and pain. As you let go of these painful memories you become more able to live in a much more joyful present.
When you connect to inner peace, beyond the mental and emotional turmoil that can cloud your vision, through meditation you relax and open to embrace the positive. Did you know that happiness increases with regular meditation? When you’re in a relaxed state you tune into positive energies, energies that support you and bring to your attention whatever you need to bring your healthy and wholesome decisions for yourself to fruition.
In ancient China, it was believed that an inner smile, a smile directed inwards towards oneself gives long life, health and happiness. So maybe you could experiment with this. Close your eyes, relax and visualize a big deep smile, then send this beautiful smiling energy to all parts of your entire body. Take as long as you like.
Through guided meditation you can come to see and appreciate the gifts in the trials of your life. The root cause of suffering is attachment and our earliest and strongest attachments are at birth and in childhood. Many people have taken on the wounds of their parents as their own. Healing through guided meditation re-connects us to our higher and more joyful selves. We find the solutions we are looking for. We find peace and rest and are then much more able to laugh and see the funny side of life. We can view our difficulties differently by shifting our level of awareness. Inside your own being is an essence that is ready to shine beyond the difficulties that life presents.


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